This is a sample of the type of questions we have facilitated over the years: 



An investment management firm is analyzing the competitive landscape of slot machine manufacturers such as IGT, Scientific Games, Aristocrat or Konami.  The analyst was trying to better understand which company is better positioned to gain market share over the next few years and what the outlook is for various units.      


We introduced our client to the Vice Presidents of Slot Operations at a dozen different casinos across the United States.  By speaking with these customers, our client was in a much better position to assess the slot machine manufacturing industry and determine which companies were better positioned to gain market share over the next few years. 


A client was analyzing NuVasive, Inc., a medical device company, that engages in the design, development, and marketing of products for the surgical treatment of spine disorders.  Recent reports have shown that spine product pricing has turned negative. NuVasive claimed that its unique product offering keeps them above the price cuts.  The client wanted to know if there is something unique about NuVasive compared with other companies in the industry. 


To address the client’s concern we put the analyst in touch with several leading doctors who specialize in the treatment of spinal conditions and are familiar with NuVasive's product offerings in addition to various hospital administrators who purchase these products.  After the calls, the client was able to understand how unique NuVasives’s product offering was as well as the purchasing and pricing trends of NuVasive and its competitors.